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Bevis Respirator Consultants


Due to the out of control costs and coordination complexities of presenting open enrollment courses, Bevis Respirator Consultants has chosen to withdraw from those presentations. We have chosen instead to focus our efforts on presentations for groups or clients who can provide facilities and sufficient participants to make such trainings more cost effective. We will continue to make available, our two standard courses, the 5-day "Occupational Respiratory Protection", and the 2 1/2 day "Respirator Fit Testing", as well as special respirator courses that clients may desire.

If you are an individual wishing to attend a BRC course, some of our clients have expressed a willingness to allow others to attend trainings at their facilities.  Please contact us to discuss costs and available options.



For further details and registration information, please contact our office at (619) 275-2442 or complete Info Request on the ‘Contact Us’ link.


A thorough and complete presentation of respiratory protection. Includes all information and resource references pertinent to establishing, maintaining, and monitoring a respirator program. The OSHA Respirator Regulations, NRC regulations and regulatory guides, NIOSH certification, and consensus standards of ANSI, CGA, and ASTM will be covered. All program elements discussed will be based on the OSHA Respiratory Protection, 29 CFR 1910.134 Standard. NRC 10 CFR Part 20 and reg guide 8.15 requirement differences from the OSHA regulations will be identified and discussed.


Specific discussion and demonstrations will be conducted on all elements of a compliance respirator program. Special emphasis is given to program elements requiring specific procedures, (i.e., fit testing, maintenance, inspection, etc.)


Discussion and demonstration of all types of respiratory protective devices and support equipment will provide an understanding of all types and classes of respirators, modes of operation, variations, and limitations.


A comprehensive, two-volume, up-to-date reference manual and Certificate of Completion are available.






Discussion of OSHA respiratory protection regulations (29 CFR 1910.134) with emphasis and expansion on respirator fit testing.  Discussion on all OSHA accepted Qualitative (QLFT) and Quantitative (QNFT) fit testing methodology with emphasis on QNFT, using the Condensation Nuclei Counter (CNC).   Topics include: requirements and procedures of OSHA'S   respirator regulations (29 CFR 1910.134) and ANSI standards; past and current fit test procedures, including test medium, instrument and equipment operation, maintenance and troubleshooting, analysis and interpretation of fit test results; a comprehensive discussion of protection factors and fit factors, etc.

Workshops will include setting up and performing quantitative fit tests with the TSI  Portacount® condensation nuclei counter.

A manual of reference materials and a Certificate of Completion are included.

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