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Bevis Respirator Consultants offers complete quantitative fit testing services, nationwide.  The BRC specially trained and qualified fit test staff ensures that the fit testing meets the requirements of all regulatory agencies and produces safe, reliable results.  Our staff is also qualified to provide the required orientation instruction/training, or the more comprehensive user respirator training.


BRC has performed fit testing services for both large and small employers from all industries, including general, construction, maritime, nuclear and healthcare.  We have pricing for performing Fit Test services at the client’s facilities, or Fit Test services can be provided at our office, for individuals or small groups. Contact the office for additional information


We have a selection of probed respirator types, makes and models.  All of the reusable respirators handled during fit test activities are sanitized by immersion in a proper cleaner/sanitizing agent between uses by different persons and filtering facepiece/single use respirators are destroyed after any handling.  All test subjects are closely observed throughout the entire fit test process, to assure that they can competently inspect, don, adjust the strap suspensions, and perform the required positive and negative pressure user seal checks.


TSI PortaCount® Plus respirator fit testers and computers with TSI FitPlus™ software are used for all quantitative fit tests.  When testing N95 filtering facepieces, the TSI N95-Companion™ is added to the PortaCount Plus® system.  BRC provides hard copy for duplication and/or CD records of all fit tests and PortaCount® calibration verifications.


There are many options and variations to respirator fit testing and BRC will customize services to the client’s requirements.


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